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CompositionIron Sucrose Injection USP
Packing1 X 5ml
MRPon request

Product Description

FERIKUL-S injection is used treat iron-deficiency anemia (a lower than normal number of red blood cells due to too little iron) in people with chronic kidney disease (damage to the kidneys which may worsen over time and may cause the kidneys to stop working) FERIKUL-S INJECTION findings were in the support of iron sucrose injection as an effective therapy for anemia. Intravenous iron supplementation might be essential in anemia patients with reduced serum iron concentration for improving hemoglobin concentration in the absence of blood transfusion. Price et al. performed a randomized controlled trial and included 19 elderly patients with anemia, of whom 9 received iron sucrose injection and 10 patients did not receive it. At the 12th week, the hemoglobin concentration was increased in the group of intravenous iron sucrose injection, but decreased in the control group (P=0.026) (17). Thus, studies by our team and others demonstrated that iron sucrose injection increased hemoglobin concentration in patients with anemia.

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